Wheel Surface Crack Detection

As part of everyday service wheels may develop surface cracking as a result of thermal conditions or local surface loading.

In all but the most extreme cases surface cracking can be almost impossible to detect with the naked eye and is often only discovered once a wheel is on a lathe while being worked on.

The MRX Hand Held Unit: Wheel Surface Crack Measurement System takes the surprise and guesswork out of detecting flaws in wheels – pinpointing anomalies and reducing the expense of unnecessary maintenance.

The HHU is a hand held device designed to be used in a workshop to simply and efficiently inspect the full surface of each wheel. The manual sensor head rolls on the wheel tread to detect and quantify the extent of surface cracking.

The MRX WSCM systems detect and quantify the following wheel surface defects, providing precise depths and locations:

  • Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) cracking on wheels
  • Wheel surface and near-surface material loss (cavaties)
  • Location of isolated surface damage
  • CF cracking size, location and depth


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