Wheel Profile Monitoring

Wheel profile is a key measurement for the condition of railway wheels and is used to assess aspects of operational safety and the condition of wheels.

The MRX Wheel Profile Monitoring System (WPMS) provides automated, roll-by measurement of the tread profiles and associated characteristics for a railway wheel-set.

A Typical Wheel Profile Measurement System installation and an example of the output.

Precise 3D measurements of wheel profiles, diameter flange width and other key indicators of wear are produced for each wheel on a rail vehicle without any contact to the wheel.

Results can be stored in the Data Management System database to help build an accurate history of wheel parameter trends across a fleet and over the service life of components and vehicles.

Measurements produced by the WPMS include:

             Flange height, thickness and angle

             Tread hollowness

             Rim thickness

             Wheel diameter and back-to-back

             Other wheel wear parameters as required by the user


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