Pantograph Wear Measurement System

Condition monitoring to protect infrastructure and predict service life.

To reduce power line damage, MRX Technologies has created a system to monitor vehicle pantograph wear and prevent infrastructure damage.

The Pantograph Wear Measurement System (PWMS) is designed to undertake roll-by measurement of the pantograph carbons and pantograph head.

The recorded measurements can be trended to derive carbon wear rates and predict service life. These records can be stored, analysed, viewed and reported in the MRX Data Management System.

The PWMS provides the following inspection functions:

             Measurement of the profile of each carbon

             Detailed visual inspection of the leading and trailing edges of a carbon

             Measurement of pan head pitch, roll and yaw

             Estimate of uplift force

             Provide alerts for detected anomalies

An installed MRX Pantograph Wear Measurement System

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