Collector Shoe Monitoring

Railcar current collector shoes are subject to a harsh environment and must be in good condition and accurately positioned to obtain good traction performance.

MRX Collector Shoe Monitoring1 MRX Collector Shoe Monitoring2
 Typical Collector Shoe

Collector Shoe
Measurement System
Collector Shoe
Measurement System installed with BPMS

The Collector Shoe Measurement System (CSMS) uses MRX camera/laser vision technology to provide roll-by measurements of collector shoe wear.

The CSMS creates a measured wear profile for all collector shoes on a train and the vertical and lateral displacement and height and angular orientations of each shoe.

Alarms can be triggered for missing, incorrectly positioned or aligned shoes and dimensional faults.

The CSMS in brief:

     Warnings for missing or problem shoes

     Trending of wear and alignment measurements

     Can be used along with other VEMS modules


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