Track Geometry

Track geometry provides a set of track and rail alignment measurements used to determine the operational condition of railway track.

The MRX Track Geometry Measurement System (TGMS) is available as either inertial, non-contact technology or non-contact chord-based measuring solutions.

Equipment consists of an instrumentation package mounted on the bogie of a rail vehicle with an associated computer-based electronic controller inside the vehicle.

The TGMS in brief:

             The TGMS is available on both MRX specialised survey vehicles for analysis and reporting

             The TGMS can also be fitted to a railcar or loco to record survey data which can be downloaded to a reporting workstation using Wi-Fi or mobile network


The TGMS can be fitted to an existing rail vehicle to allow surveys to be run without interrupting services. Track Geometry Measurement can be carried out using one of MRX Technologies' rail survey vehicles.


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