Rail Surface Crack

The MRX Rail Surface Crack Measurement System (RSCM) has been developed to detect, measure and record flaws in tracks on and below the surface of rails, which means maintenance can now be both both quicker and more cost efficient.

For long distance surveys (hundreds to thousands of kilometres) a measuring trolley can be fitted to an existing rail vehicle to produce an accurate report for long stretches of track. MRX Technologies in Australia also has road/rail vehicles capable of carrying out comprehensive surveys for track networks.

An option for shorter sections of track is the Operator Propelled Unit (OPU) – a compact version pushed by a single user and capable of covering several kilometres in a day. An onboard screen provides immediate notification of cracks, chips and other flaws on or in the track.

For more pinpoint work on short stretches of track, the smallest piece of RSCM equipment is ideal. As the name suggests, the Hand Held Unit (HHU) is small and light enough to be held in one hand and can be run along small sections of track to pinpoint anomolies requiring attention.

Information is displayed and recorded in a supplied rugged tablet for immediate use or as part of a maintenance record.

The HHU is also available as a train wheel version, providing workshops with an invaluable maintenance tool.

All equipment in the RSCM range has been proven in the field and can be used independently or as together to create a comprehensive system for the maintenance of tracks.

MRX's RSCM is available in various forms, including this trolley version towed behind a rail vehicle. The MRX Operator Propelled Unit is easy to operate by a single user.
The OPU sits on top of the rail and is pushed by a single user. Not all rail cracking and damage is easy to detect.


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