Rail Profile Measurement

The wheel/rail interface between vehicles and track infrastructure is critical to the operating safety and the maintenance costs. The measurement of rail profile is a key inspection used to determine rail condition.

MRX’s Rail Profile Monitoring System provides accurate objective measurements which can be used to assess current rail condition and support the trending of rail wear modes and rates.

The RPMS uses vehicle-mounted optical, non-contact measurement technology to survey track to assess rail condition. The system can be fitted to existing service rail vehicles, provided as a complete inspection solution on road-rail inspection vehicles or as part of integrated infrastructure monitoring solutions.

The RPMS in brief:

             Assesses current condition of rail

             Can record and store trends of track wear

             Can be used with existing vehicles or as part of a larger system


An example of the output from the Rail Profile Monitoring System. The RPMS produces an accurate and comprehensive report on the condition of rail.


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