Corrugation Measurement

Rail corrugations are spatially periodic variations in the vertical alignment of the rail running surface. Typically corrugations are caused by uneven wear due to local variations in the dynamic loading of passing rail wheels. Corrugations may be initiated by a rail defect but once established contribute to the dynamic loading variations accentuating the periodic wear pattern. The wavelength and severity of corrugations is influenced by the characteristics of the track structure and the traction systems and suspensions of the rail vehicle.

Rail corrugations are a source of accelerated wear for both the rail and the wheels of the passing vehicles. Therefore, detection and measurement of rail corrugations and associated rail surface alignment defects (eg. Dipped welds) provides information to assess the severity and plan rectification.


MRX Corrugation1 MRX Corrugation3
Corrugation Measurement Trolley
Corrugation Measurement Output

MRX Technologies offers a Corrugation Measurement System which detects and measures rail corrugations. The system uses inertial-measurements of rail surface profile and inductively measured surface displacements to detect and quantify the condition of the rail surface. The system has been developed as a specialised measuring trolley that can be attached to the back of a rail or road/rail vehicle.
The recorded corrugation measurements can be analysed and reported using office-based post-run software applications to produce prioritised exceptions and statistical quality measures.




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