Track Measurement Equipment

Regular inspection of rail infrastructure, including the rails, track, overhead power distribution and associated trackside structures, is essential for safe and effective railway operation. The results from inspections are typically used to prioritise short term maintenance intervention and to plan longer term maintenance programs.

Increasingly rail systems are seeking technology-based inspection solutions that provide objective information on the condition of the infrastructure to support the development of cost-effective asset management. These technologies also have the potential to improve the safety of the public and railway personnel and to reduce inspection costs.

MRX Track Measurement

MRX Technologies, using our own technologies and working in conjunction with our technology partners, provides a range of infrastructure monitoring solutions including:

  • Rail inspection
  • Inspection of track and associated structures
  • Monitoring of overhead traction power wires and structures
  • Video surveys of track and associated equipment

As required to suit the operating conditions and constraints these measurement systems may be mounted on specialised inspection vehicles or be hosted by vehicles operating in revenue service. In some cases manually operated equipment may also be appropriate.

Comprehensive back-office software applications are available to analyse, report and archive the objective data captured by the measurement systems.

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