Survey Vehicles

MRX can supply complete rail inspections using a customer’s standard service vehicle or third party rail vehicle. Alternatively another option is to use one of our specialised road/rail vehicles:

Asset Monitoring Vehicle

MRX Technologies’ specialised heavy-axle load vehicle, known as the Asset Monitoring Vehicle (AMV), operates as a platform for an extensive range of condition monitoring systems for rail and associated track infrastructure.

The heavy-duty base means the AMV operates as a self-transporting diesel railcar, while providing a stable and comfortable operating environment for inspection personnel.

The AMV can operate on narrow gauge and standard gauge tracks and its loading outline has been designed to conform to the requirements of a number of rail networks.

The rail axle loading provides the minimum mass (15 tonnes per axle) required to support autonomous operation through track-circuit based signalling and road crossing protection systems.

The MRX AMV has been specifically designed and built to conduct survey work, no matter how remote the location. The AMV can be driven by road to the survey site.

Light Road Rail Vehicle

The MRX Light Road Rail Vehicle (LRRV) is a specialised medium-sized truck, modified to allow for operation on rail as a platform for track inspection technology.

Versatile and reliable, the LRRV can self-transport around a network and railing/off-railing is possible at larger road crossings. When on the rail the vehicle runs on two axles which are dual-gauge convertible.

The base vehicle is an Isuzu FS550 four-wheel drive truck which is fully compliant with Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and is road registered, allowing for unrestricted operation on roads anywhere in Australia.

The MRX LRRV is capable of carrying multiple surveys. The purpose-built truck is licensed to operate anywhere in Australia.



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