MRX Technologies is introducing its unique crack detection technology which provides the depth of surface cracks and map surface damage on both rail and wheels.

The Rail Surface Crack Measurement range is available in a variety of formats from hand-held and single user equipment for smaller sections of track to trolleys and train-mounted equipment for large scale surveys and detection.  

Also on show for the first time is the MRX Vehicle Equipment Monitoring Systems (VEMS). VEMS makes the maintenance of high priority train components simpler, safer and more cost-effective, with reliable and accurate systems for the following:

  • Wheels: Profile, damage , tread damage measurement and monitoring(including crack depth), sliding wheel detector
  • Brakes: Pad, shoe/block, disc measurement and monitoring
  • Current collectors: Pantograph and collector shoe measurement/monitoring
  • Video inspection: Graffiti monitoring, detection of missing/irregular components, Out of gauge detection

 The MRX range of equipment for infrastructure covers the track (Rail Contact Fatigue, rail cracking and other damage), ballast, fittings and platform structures.

  • Track:  Fatigue, missing fastener detection, track geometry, rail profile measurement
  • Rail: Surface cracks (depth and location), spalling, switches and crossings
  • Infrastructure: Overhead wire measurement/monitoring, ballast monitoring, structure gauge

Full track surveys are also available using MRX’s purpose-built monitoring vehicles (only in Australia at present)
InnoTrans 2016 is the perfect opportunity to showcase the MRX product line as this year marks the 20th anniversary of the company. In this time MRX has supplied equipment and services across five continents and from its bases in the United Kingdom and Australia, the client base is growing around the globe.Visitors to the exhibition can head to CityCube Hall B, Stand 502, to meet some of  our engineers and get a chance to see the latest in portable track and wheel surface crack detection equipment.


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